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Petaminds Updates

We have some updates for you. Finally, we have completed migrating our website to GG Cloud. Woohoo!!!

Improving readability and stability is what we aimed for when moving to this new platform. As shown in the figures, the website improved 30%+ compared to the last update a few months ago.

Key Advantages of Using Google Cloud Hosting

After comparing Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, we chose Google Cloud Platform Services. There are some key advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting which we would like to summarize.

Google cloud compute engine
Google cloud

1. Better Pricing Plans Availability

Economically, Google Cloud Hosting Plans are cheaper than other Platforms Hosting Plans. It has better pricing plans as compared to its competitors. Google Cloud Hosting service has per sec billing plans.

Google offers 300USD for 12-month free trial. That is good enough for beginners. We used the offer since day one for different services and it is no longer available for hosting Petaminds.

2. Enhanced Execution

At enterprises level, Google has enhanced the performance of Google Cloud Hosting service. An individual can access the data from any location via remote. It has a big infrastructure so it allows executing various complex operations easily at its network. Google Cloud Machines can handle n number of visitors at any time. If you are planning to move to the Google Cloud Hosting, then you will experience the decrease in your website load time.

3. Benefits of Live Migration

One of the top advantages of Google Cloud Hosting is “Live Migration”. It is also the biggest advantage because Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure both don’t provide this benefit. It merely consists of the migration of Virtual Machines. By having such a large network, Google Cloud Hosting allows users to migrate their machines.

4. Private Network

Users get the maximum time and efficiency due to the private network. A private network means Google is providing its own network to every customer so that they have more control and scalability over the network. Private Network is the backbone of Google Cloud Hosting service. When it comes to fibre-optic cables, these are more efficient than any other cables.

5. Commitment to Constant Development

As we already know, Google Cloud Hosting is also a part of Google Cloud Platform. It also contains a large infrastructure which is a public domain. In the near future, we will see the Google Infrastructure expansion to the new locations. This will help to build a strong Google’s network. As of 2019, Google Cloud Platform is available in 20 regions and 61 zones. Petaminds is living in Oceania region. Please note that regional pricing can be varied.

6. Control and Security

Google has its own security model which is currently securing Gmail, YouTube and other products. Google has recruited a large number of Security Professionals who help Google to protect the data on servers. All the data on Cloud Platform Services is encrypted. Google has a strong network of ISPs, It helps Google to secure their network. Google is also making the process-based investment to secure its network or data.

7. Redundant Backups

Redundancy means if something is no longer required, it can be reduced. Google has its own in-built redundant backups. In case, something happens, users won’t lose their data. Redundancy helps to ensure data integrity, it also ensures reliability and durability.

… we will publish our newest articles really soon! ,

Enjoy the reading with the new backend! 😀

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