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A really Cool data visualization: 3d globe in 2d space


While generating data in 3d space for manifold learning, I went across a problem of distributing points evenly on a sphere. It is a non-trivial problem but found a good enough solution for such placement. Interestingly, it ends up with a really cool animation effect when I decided to implement it on a mobile app. Figure 1: First animation effect: Rotation The algorithm There are two qualitatively...

Fun coding challenge: print the American flag


Printing is an important part when programming. Printing the US flag to the system console was a small part of “the shape game” for kids, in which the players will select the correct name for a given shape. The flag of the united states Basic Requirements: You are required to print the American flag to the console using just “*” and “=”. The number of stars...

Make use of GG Colab and Jupyter notebook

Petamind A.I

I decided to share this topic while doing research on Deep Learning on Graph, the latest trend in Deep learning. One of the challenges that I had was to the processing power of my laptop while processing hundreds of thousands of nodes. While buying a new laptop with a good GPU is not cheap, around $2k+ US, I decided to dive into the free platform provided by Google (GG). URL: What is great about...

Understand python arguments *args and **kwargs

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Most new Python programmers have a hard time figuring out the *args and **kwargs magic variables. So what are they? *args and **kwargs Firstly, it is not necessary to write *args or **kwargs. Only the * (asterisk) is necessary. You can use *var and **vars instead. Writing *args and **kwargs is just a convention. So now let’s take a look at *args first. Usage of *args *args and **kwargs are...

Determine the sizes of python objects

Petamind A.I

When working with data structures, you may want to analyse the space complexity of a particular object. For example, you want to compare the size of a sparse matrix and a dense matrix which represent the same data. With python, “Just use sys.getsizeof” is not a complete answer. It does work for builtin objects directly, but it does not account for what those objects may...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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