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Metrics for regression and classification – quick note

Table of contentsRegression MetricsRMSE (Root Mean Square Error)MAESo which one should you choose and why?Metrics for classificationAccuracy:Precision:Recall or Sensitivity:Precision or Recall?: In this article, we review some common metrics and their uses for two main ML problems, i.e. regression and classification. Regression Metrics Most of the blogs have focussed on classification metrics...

Prevent colab from disconnecting with console js

Petamind A.I

This quick note is one solution (may not optimal) to prevent Colab from disconnecting during training your deep learning model. disconnect Problem Recently, my Google Colab notebook often gets disconnected after a while, and the data is lost. I searched and found a solution. So reshare this here. SOLUTION So to prevent this, we add a JS code to the console. Its purpose is to keep on clicking the...

Predict coronavirus deaths by days

Table of contentsThe 2019-nCoV death dataPlot the data RegressionLinear RegressionPolynomial RegressionKeras implementationConclusion As the pandemic is going on with an increasing number of deaths daily, let create a simple model to predict the deaths caused by 2019-nCoV (Wuhan Coronavirus). The 2019-nCoV death data I grab the death toll data from World Meters website. DateDaily DeathsFeb...

Common Loss functions and their uses – quick note


Table of contentsClassification LossesZero-one lossHinge Loss/Multi-class SVM LossCross-Entropy Loss/Negative Log-LikelihoodRegression LossesMean Square Error/Quadratic Loss/L2 LossMean Absolute Error/L1 LossMean Bias ErrorWrapping up Machines learn by means of a loss function which reflects how well a specific model performs with the given data. If predictions deviate too much from actual...

Generate data on the fly – Keras data generator

keras data generator

Table of contentsKeras Data Generator with SequenceTrain with a generatorpython demonstrationConclusions Previously, we train our model using the pre-generated dataset, for example, in the recommender system or recurrent neural network. In this article, we will demonstrate using a generator to produce data on the fly for training a model. Keras Data Generator with Sequence There are a couple of...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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