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Fun coding challenge: print the American flag


Table of contentsBasic Requirements:Fun facts of students’ solutionsThe advanced requirements:Print flag Using JavaPrint with PythonPrint Flag with Kotlin Printing is an important part when programming. Printing the US flag to the system console was a small part of “the shape game” for kids, in which the players will select the correct name for a given shape. The flag of the...

Advanced Keras – Custom loss functions

Petamind A.I

Table of contentsKeras loss functionsA Simple custom loss functionA custom loss function with parametersMore than one loss function in one modelEnable TF2.0 and load dataClean, split, and normalize data Build a model with custom lossBuild and train the modelVisualise the resultConclusion When working on machine learning problems, sometimes you want to construct your own custom loss function(s)...

Word2vec with TensorFlow 2.0 – a simple CBOW implementation

Petamind A.I

Table of contentsWhat is CBOWImplement W2v CBOW with TF2Enable TF 2.0.Build the w2v-cbow modelOne-hot inputTrain the modelVisualise words in 2d spaceConclusion In TensorFlow website, there is a good example of word embedding implementation with Keras. Nevertheless, we are curious to see how it looks like when implementing word2vec with PURE TensorFlow 2.0. What is CBOW In the previous article, we...

Petaminds are living on Cloud

Petamind A.I

Table of contentsPetaminds UpdatesKey Advantages of Using Google Cloud Hosting1. Better Pricing Plans Availability2. Enhanced Execution3. Benefits of Live Migration4. Private Network5. Commitment to Constant Development6. Control and Security7. Redundant Backups Petaminds Updates We have some updates for you. Finally, we have completed migrating our website to GG Cloud. Woohoo!!! Current desktop...

Smooth nature snake – game redev with Kotlin (part 3)

Table of contentsChallenges in turning animation Make the head turn slowly Make curved line turnThe result In part 2, I introduced how to make the serpentine movement. We continue this article by covering the turning mechanism for the snake. Challenges in turning animation Fig 2: Classic snake game design with blocks and grids As we want our snake looks as smooth as possible, the two challenges...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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