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Create a simple YET most addictive apps/games

addictive app meme

Table of contentsThe UI TRICK #01: Disable the back buttonTRICK #02: Restart the app if forced closeTRICK #03: START THE APP on Boot (depricated)TRICK #04: notification floodingVideo tutorialUseful links With simple implementation, no user can escape from this addictive app! They will cry desperately for help! Let do it! The UI Do not spend much time on this. As said, make it as simple as...

Don’t copy and paste sensitive information – here is why

dont copy password

Table of contentsClipboard accessAccess from a background service.iOS: copy text to the clipboard (SWIFT)Video tutorial Useful links Clipboard was created for productivity purposes but developers can easily exploit this for malicious purposes. This article will demonstrates how to access Android/iOS clipboard from an activity or background service. Clipboard access Android provides a powerful...

Top programming languages to learn 2020-2021

programming languages

Table of contents1.  Python2.  Kotlin3.  Java4.  JavaScript/ NodeJS5.  TypeScript6.  Go7.  SwiftSumming Up “What is the best programming language to learn” is generally not a good question. A language should bind to a purpose, developing environment. Set it aside, popular languages often come with trending jobs. Here is the list of top 7 programming...

Redesign A boring game to an extreme

Petamind game design

Table of contentsWhat is the game 🤔How to redesign the game for mobile devicesthe graphical user interface 🎲The sounds 🎵further stress players with extreme conditions 💀PISS OFF PLAYERS WITH Feedback elements 😠Video tutorialUseful Links Boring or fun is quite subjective while talking about gaming. However, by applying proper design principles, we can put most players in an intended experience even...

Advanced Python: Object operations and comparisons

python trademark

In many cases, it is convenient to perform mathematical operations on objects rather than numerical values. Python classes have the ability to emulate the behaviour of numeric values to support operations like addition and subtraction. You can override many more to support number-like functionality. Numeric functions In the following table, the right column contains expressions...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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