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Sparse Matrices for Machine Learning quick note

triplet sparse matrix

Table of contentsSparse vs Dense MatrixProblems with SparsitySpace ComplexityTime ComplexitySparse Matrices in Machine LearningDataData PreparationAreas of StudyWorking with Sparse MatricesSparse Matrices in PythonCSR/CSC operatorsConclusion: In machine learning, many matrices are sparse. It is essential to know how to handle this kind of matrix. Sparse vs Dense Matrix First, it is good to know...

Recurrent neural network – predict monthly milk production

Recurrent neural network

Table of contentsThe dataPreprocess the training dataCreate batch training dataSetting Up The RNN ModelThe milk PredictionTo sum up In part 1, we introduced a simple RNN for time-series data. To continue, this article applies a deep version of RNN on a real dataset to predict monthly milk production. The data Monthly milk production: pounds per cow. Jan 1962 – Dec 1975. You can download the...

Recurrent neural network – time-series data- part 1

RNN block

Table of contentsWhat is RNNThe time-series dataPrediction with the simplest RNNForecasting several steps aheadNote on replacing outputprojectionwrapper from TF1.XConclusion If you are human and curious about your future, then the recurrent neural network (RNN) is definitely a tool to consider. Part 1 will demonstrate some simple RNNs using TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras functional API. What is RNN...

Dumping Emails using JavaMail and jsoup

email icon

Table of contentsFileUtilsIMAP configEmail Dumper classcheck email resultsTo sum up This post demonstrates the ETL process by scraping emails as text files for later processing, such as NPL or other ML models. We use JavaMail API for getting emails and Jsoup to get texts from email body if it is in HTML format. FileUtils This helper class contains a helper method that saves a string to file...

Quick Benchmark Colab CPU GPU TPU (XLA-CPU)


Table of contentsMemory Subsystem ArchitectureCompute primitiveBenchmark CPU, GPU, TPUTest on CPUTest on GPUTest on TPU – XLA-GPUConclusion If you ever wonder about the performance differences between CPU, GPU, and TPU for your machine learning project, this article shows a simple benchmark for these three. Memory Subsystem Architecture Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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