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A.I, Data and Software Engineering


Predictor VS. Estimator quick note

Petamind A.I

Table of contentsDifferent usageEstimator example:Predictor example:TipsReferences There is much confusion for beginners in machine learning. One of the frequently asked questions is the difference between predictor vs. estimator. Let get some note: Different usage “Prediction” and “estimation” indeed are sometimes used interchangeably in non-technical writing and they...


git rebase

Table of contentsUsageDon’t rebase public historyGit Rebase Standard vs Git Rebase InteractiveAdditional rebase commandsWrapping up Rebasing is the process of moving or combining a sequence of commits to a new base commit. Rebasing is most useful and easily visualized in the context of a feature branching workflow. The visualized general process is as the following: From a content...

Asteroid Collision Solution – Leetcode coding challenge

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Table of contentsThe problemConstraints:Solution The following asteroid collision problem is from Leetcode. The problem We are given an array asteroids of integers representing asteroids in a row. For each asteroid, the absolute value represents its size, and the sign represents its direction (positive meaning right, negative meaning left). Each asteroid moves at the same speed. Find out the...

Decision Tree Regression quick note

Petamind A.I

Table of contentsDecision Tree AlgorithmStandard DeviationStandard Deviation ReductionStep 1: Step 2: Step 3: Decision tree builds regression or classification models in the form of a tree structure. It breaks down a dataset into smaller and smaller subsets while at the same time an associated decision tree is incrementally developed. The final result is a tree with decision nodes and leaf nodes...

Feature Engineering FundamentalS

Petamind A.I

Table of contents1.ImputationNumerical ImputationCategorical Imputation2.Handling OutliersOutlier Detection with Standard DeviationOutlier Detection with PercentilesAn Outlier Dilemma: Drop or Cap3.Binning4.Log Transform5.One-hot encoding6.Grouping OperationsCategorical Column GroupingNumerical Column Grouping7.Feature Split8.ScalingNormalizationStandardization9.Extracting DateConclusion The...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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