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Advanced python part 1

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Table of contentsPython coding styleTrue value testingStrings and bytes Let get some more advanced python techniques, tools, libraries. Python coding style It is quite common for beginner to skip the coding style and conventions in any programming language. But when you have a chance to revisit your code or others’ code, you will soon recognise how important of following coding conventions...

Create a trainable chatbot with java

Table of contentsThe chatbot classTestbot classWrapping up A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. This article will demonstrate a short fun coding piece to simulate a chatbot. Its objectives are: Accept input from the console as a string and give an answerIf the bot...

Continue training big models on less powerful devices

Table of contentsThe problemThe workaroundCreate a model and check-pointsRelease memory and reload last saved model It would not be a surprise that you may not have a powerful expensive machine to train a complicate model. You may experience the problem of not enough memory during training in some epoch. This article demonstrates a simple workaround for this. The problem Training deep learning...

Create bipartite graph from a rating matrix

bipartite graph from movie lens

Table of contentsThe rating dataTransform the matrix to a bipartite graphGet graph propertiesVisualize the graph As deep learning on graphs is trending recently, this article will quickly demonstrate how to use networkx to turn rating matrices, such as MovieLens dataset, into graph data. The rating data We use rating data from the movie lens. The rating data is loaded into rdata which is a Pandas...

TYPEALIAS in swift ios

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Table of contentsHow to create a typealias?Typealias for built-in typesTypealias for user defined typesTypealias for complex types In this article, you will learn about typealias and its use cases in Swift, a programming language developed by Apple. A type alias allows you to provide a new name for an existing data type into your program. After a type alias is declared, the aliased name can be...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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