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Ping the pong redev video tutorial

Ping pong game

Following up the article “RE-DEV THE FIRST VIDEO GAME PONG WITH SURFACEVIEW AND GAMELOOP”, here is the video tutorial for another version of the Ping game. What is new? Improve the GUIBetter collision handling Challenges The source code for the project is not fully provided but you can always get the code from the video. So want to release your first game on Play/App Store? Watch the...

Petaminds are living on Cloud

Petamind A.I

Petaminds Updates We have some updates for you. Finally, we have completed migrating our website to GG Cloud. Woohoo!!! Current desktop version performanceCurent mobile version performance Improving readability and stability is what we aimed for when moving to this new platform. As shown in the figures, the website improved 30%+ compared to the last update a few months ago. Previous destop...

Petaminds – updates (Q3-2019)

Petamind A.I

As the number of readers increases, we think that it is time to improve Petaminds website to meet our objectives, i.e. content focused and readability. Currently, we are testing the new site design to meet the target. The theme will be comfortable and content-focused. Some improvements are:Use flat design theme Change the article clear typography Capital headings Increase the font sizes and...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

PetaMinds focuses on developing the coolest topics in data science, A.I, and programming, and make them so digestible for everyone to learn and create amazing applications in a short time.

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