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Best Android Image Loaders – 2022

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In this article, we will explore some of the best Android image loaders for you. These are some of the most commonly used third-party libraries since Android SDK doesn’t provide a simple image loading solution for developers to use. Generally, you tend to have to implement one yourself or look at third-party libraries. Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com Contents1 Glide1.1 How to Install Glide1.2 How...

Kotlin Scoping Functions apply vs. with, let, also, and run


Functional-style programming is highly advocated and supported by Kotlin’s syntax as well as a range of functions in Kotlin’s standard library. In this post we will examine five Kotlin scoping functions (aka higher-order functions): apply, with, let, also, and run. When learning these five functions, you will need to memorize 2 things: how to use them, and when to use them...

Constraints with Android Worker


Sometimes, we want our app to perform some background tasks under certain conditions, such as Battery level or network etc. With Worker and Constraints, we can conveniently achieve that. The example problem A worker class that prints a message to the console. class MyWorker(context: Context, params: WorkerParameters): Worker(context,params) { override fun doWork(): Result { Log.i(LOG_TAG...

Advanced Keras – Custom loss functions


When working on machine learning problems, sometimes you want to construct your own custom loss function(s). This article will introduce abstract Keras backend for that purpose. Contents1 Keras loss functions2 A Simple custom loss function3 A custom loss function with parameters4 More than one loss function in one model5 Enable TF2.0 and load data6 Clean, split, and normalize data 7 Build a model...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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