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Table of contentsGoogle Cloud migration made easyMigrating Apache Hadoop to Dataproc: A decision treeGoogle Cloud VMware Engine cheat sheetblock storage optionsproducts in 4 words or less Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s where these cheat sheets come in handy. Cloud Developer Advocate Priyanka Vergadia has built a number of guides that help developers visually...

SAMPLING Bagging vs Pasting

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Table of contentsSampling with replacement:Sampling without replacement:What’s the Difference?Population sizeExamples with Scikit-learnVisualise the decision boundary One way to get a diverse set of classifiers is to use very different training algorithms,as just discussed. Another approach is to use the same training algorithm for everypredictor but to train them on different random...

squared hinge loss

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The squared hinge loss is a loss function used for “maximum margin” binary classification problems. Mathematically it is defined as: where ŷ the predicted value and y is either 1 or -1. Thus, the squared hinge loss is: 0* when the true and predicted labels are the same and* when ŷ≥ 1 (which is an indication that the classifier is sure that it’s the correct label)quadratically increasing with the...

Dealing with missing data

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Table of contents1. Deleting RowsPros:Cons:2. Replacing With Mean/Median/ModePros:Cons:3. Assigning An Unique CategoryPros:Cons:4. Predicting The Missing ValuesPros:Cons:5. Using Algorithms Which Support Missing ValuesPros:Cons:Conclusion In real-world data, there are some instances where a particular element is absent because of various reasons, such as corrupt data, failure to load the...


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As the two common method for securing the cloud, the differences between NACL (network access control list) and security groups have been discussed below: Network ACLSecurity GroupNetwork Access Control List that helps provide a layer of security to the amazon web services. There are two kinds of NACL- Customized and default.A security group has to be explicitly assigned to an instance; it...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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