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Quick Benchmark Colab CPU GPU TPU (XLA-CPU)


Table of contentsMemory Subsystem ArchitectureCompute primitiveBenchmark CPU, GPU, TPUTest on CPUTest on GPUTest on TPU – XLA-GPUConclusion If you ever wonder about the performance differences between CPU, GPU, and TPU for your machine learning project, this article shows a simple benchmark for these three. Memory Subsystem Architecture Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing...

A really Cool data visualization: 3d globe in 2d space


Table of contentsThe algorithmThe visualization implementationPoint3d classAnimation modesThe Object3D classAnd another cool animationConclusion While generating data in 3d space for manifold learning, I went across a problem of distributing points evenly on a sphere. It is a non-trivial problem but found a good enough solution for such placement. Interestingly, it ends up with a really cool...

TF2.0 Warm-up exercises (forked from @chipHuyen Repo)

Petamind A.I

Table of contentsThe TensorFlow exercisesEx 0: Ex 1a. EX1bEx1c:Ex1d:EX1e:Ex1f:Ex1g:Ex1h:The interview Heard of Ms @huyen chip for her notable yet controversial travelling books back in the day. I enjoy reading but I am not really into travel memoirs. Nevertheless, she did surprise everyone by her achievements by getting in Stanford, teaching TensorFlow, and then became a computer/data scientist...

Game Frame rate and character animations (part 2)

Table of contentsImage assetThe gameloop interfaceThe Sprite classThe GameView classAnd the animation resultTo sum up In part 1, we covered the principle of game frame rate and a useful game programming pattern for performance. This part shows the detailed implementation of a game scene with hundreds of moving characters using Android Studio and Kotlin. Image asset This game uses a free image...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

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