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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s where these cheat sheets come in handy. Cloud Developer Advocate Priyanka Vergadia has built a number of guides that help developers visually navigate critical decisions, whether it’s determining the best way to move to the cloud, or deciding on the best storage options. Below are five of her top cheat sheets in one handy...

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Petaminds Updates We have some updates for you. Finally, we have completed migrating our website to GG Cloud. Woohoo!!! Current desktop version performanceCurent mobile version performance Improving readability and stability is what we aimed for when moving to this new platform. As shown in the figures, the website improved 30%+ compared to the last update a few months ago. Previous destop...


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As the two common method for securing the cloud, the differences between NACL (network access control list) and security groups have been discussed below: Network ACLSecurity GroupNetwork Access Control List that helps provide a layer of security to the amazon web services. There are two kinds of NACL- Customized and default.A security group has to be explicitly assigned to an instance; it...

Network protocols quick notes

In the world of technology, there are vast numbers of users’ communicating with different devices in different languages. That also includes many ways in which they transmit data along with the different software they implement. Yes, we’re talking about “networking protocols” which are a set of rules that help in governing the way a particular technology will function for...


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Capacity planning is a challenge that every engineering team faces when it comes to ensuring the right resources are in place to handle expected (and unexpected) traffic demands. When demand for your application or website is increasing and you need to expand its accessibility, storage power, and availability levels, is it better to scale horizontally or vertically? That decision depends on a...

A.I, Data and Software Engineering

PetaMinds focuses on developing the coolest topics in data science, A.I, and programming, and make them so digestible for everyone to learn and create amazing applications in a short time.


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