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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s where these cheat sheets come in handy. Cloud Developer Advocate Priyanka Vergadia has built a number of guides that help developers visually navigate critical decisions, whether it’s determining the best way to move to the cloud, or deciding on the best storage options. Below are five of her top cheat sheets in one handy location.

Google Cloud migration made easy

Migration to cloud is the first step to digital transformation because it offers a quick, simple path to cost savings and enhanced flexibility. Read the blog to learn about migrating on-premises or public cloud-hosted infrastructure into Google Cloud, or click the image below.

Click to enlarge the Google Cloud migration cheat sheet

Migrating Apache Hadoop to Dataproc: A decision tree

Are you using the Apache Hadoop and Spark ecosystem and looking to simplify resource management? You may want to consider Dataproc. Read the Google blog post to learn four scenarios for migrating Apache Hadoop clusters to Google Cloud, or click the image below.

the Migrating Apache Hadoop to Dataproc cheat sheet
the Migrating Apache Hadoop to Dataproc cheat sheet

Google Cloud VMware Engine cheat sheet

If you’ve got VMware workloads and are considering modernizing in the cloud for increased agility and reduced total cost of ownership, VMware Engine may be the service for you. Read the blog post, or expand the image below to learn the benefits, features, and use cases for VMware Engine.

vmware engine the VMware Engine cheat sheet
the VMware Engine cheat sheet

block storage options

Google Cloud offers two options for block storage: Persistent Disks and Local SSD. This cheat sheet helps you choose the right one for your app. Read the blog, or click the image below.

the Google Cloud block storage options cheat sheet
the Google Cloud block storage options cheat sheet

products in 4 words or less

Google Cloud offers lots of products to support a wide variety of use cases. But how do you even know where to start? This list—originally kicked off by Google Cloud’s head of DevRel Greg Wilson—makes it easy to familiarize yourself with the Google Cloud ecosystem so you can quickly get up to speed, choosing the ones you want to dive in deep with documentation or other available resources. To get started, visit the GitHub page, or click the image below.

Google cloud developer cheatsheet

Google developer cheat sheet

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